Why me

My dogma and what I think qualifies me to work on your project

Why me

Why am I the right person to join your team? 

My dogma: Modularity and extendability. 
Knowing your programming language is only a fraction of what defines the skill of any developer. What’s even more important than raw knowledge – by multiple factors, in my opinion – is the understanding of the grand scheme of things. Being able to see the whole picture and designing frameworks, that allow for flexibility and maintainability.

I am a very dedicated person. When I decide to invest my time into a project, it is because I am in love with the idea of it. And then I am dedicated. Beside being able to pay the bills, the most fullfilling part of any job for me is the experience: Getting to know other people, having conversations and working together as a team and sharing knowledge. Being part of a successfull project is worth so much more than the actual money you earn, so I am invested into helping out in every regard. I love to be a real part of the project, if desired help with gameplay and design decisions and all things related to that.

Self-reliance (a.k.a “knowing how to use google”)
Even though I enjoy working as a team, the years of development taught me to analyze and work myself into existing frameworks and environments. I manage to split up problems into small chunks and solve them through independent research – Because at the end of the day, that’s the only time when you actually learn something. When you are confronted with the unknown.

I am a very communicative person. I love to have a chat about everything, share my knowledge and have insights into the world of other people. Beside programming, I am very interested in psychology and generally don’t like being a one-trick-pony. I try to keep my lifestyle refreshing and healthy – which sometimes can be a harder task than the actual jobs I pursue. I figured, I just love creating. Be it programming, writing or making music. It just happens to be that I suck at later two – Well, the day only has 24 hours for me as well, unfortunately.

Staying power
Development is not always nice and dandy. Realizing that is important. Endurance even more. People often think the beginning of a project is the hardest part. Designing the frameworks and core concepts. That’s the fun part. The real challenges arise as development progresses and all systems start to develop more demands and start to self-integrate. That’s where the framework design really starts to pay off. I already fought my way through this stage multiple times, and probably the hardest challenge so far was my one man project Cuit, which I released earlier this year on Steam, Cuit. It is written with SFML and was in development for 10 months. However, this just goes to show that I already released a game more than anything – the game doesn’t look particularly good, but I am proud of having managed to finish a project alone – Because starting is easy.