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What is Circuits?

Circuits and Shields is an Unreal Engine 4 developed MOBA-style project with an expected release through Steam on PC around Q3 2017. Though Circuits is a self-funded “indie” project by roots, it is looking to blur the line between AAA and indie, a goal that is easily within reach based on the quality of the team behind it. Circuits takes place is a mystical world inhabited by godlike creatures where players fill the shoes of an arena combatant, out to gain favor and prove their races’ worth to these overseers in hopes of gaining whatever their collective hearts’ desire. Players will take these champions and fight over an array of objective based battlefields, each requiring a unique blend of tactical strategy and mechanic prowess; no game is the same as the last.



Why is Circuits different?

Circuits is primarily inspired by MOBA style games such as League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, and DotA, but it is not just another MOBA clone. Circuits and Shields has been designed from the ground up, taking lessons and design aspects from each MOBA before it, forming a unique, yet modern and familiar take on the classic genre. It fills a unique spot in the MOBA world. It’s deep enough with champion kits, items, and the augment trees to provide a lasting, addictive experience, but also accessible enough that it’s incredibly easy to pick up, regardless of if you’re a MOBA veteran or new to the genre. Multiple steps have been taken to ensure that your transition into Circuits is an easy one, with focus on taking complicated mechanics and not only making them simple, but making them better than those before us.




Here’s a few things you can look forward to:

  • Pick-up and Play: Nobody wants to open up a new game and have to learn 100 champions and memorize item paths and current meta strategies. Circuits has taken every step possible to ensure that learning curve is as flat as it can be. The augment tree allows a single champion to be built multiple ways, meaning you only have to learn one champion built three ways, rather than three entirely separate champions, drastically reducing the champion knowledge barrier to entry. Circuits has also ditched the antiquated idea of forced item recipes. Instead, it operates on a group of easy to remember base items that can upgrade tiers into multiple paths, making sure you never have to buy an item with a stat you don’t want just to get that item’s final effect. These are just a few of the things Circuits is doing to make a more streamlined, enjoyable playing experience.
  • Augment Tree: The augment tree adds a whole new level of strategy to each match, giving each champion multiple paths to progress. Each individual ability, as well as the general Champion itself, are upgraded throughout the match, with each node providing interesting choices that tailor-make your champion for the current match. Gone are boring spell levels that just increase damage, the augment tree brings real variation that truly opens up the possibilities for each Champion.
  • Unique Arenas: Circuits doesn’t slap a new coat of paint on a level and call it a new arena. Each of Circuits arenas have wildly different objectives. From Circuitball, which involves throwing a ball to your teammates in order to reach the endzone of the enemy team to Siege, which is a Helm’s Deep style round-based format focusing on assaulting/defending a fort, there is no shortage of variety. Circuits plans to have four Arena choices on release.
  • Arena Events: MOBA games have a tendency to stall out far too often. An objective isn’t up for another 5 minutes so everyone rotates around farming AI controlled minions, not fun. Circuits solves this problem by introducing Arena-wide events, such as the Carnage event, which transports all champions into an ever-shrinking room to duke it out, with the winning team being awarded a large buff temporarily.
  • Favor and Blessings: On top of events, Circuits includes a new item category called Blessings, purchasable with an in-match currency titled ‘favor’ which is earned by completing team-based objectives. Blessings can drastically alter the course of the game, giving your team the ability to break the lull in the match or turn your defeat into a victory. Enemy team camping an area? Drop a meteor on them! Unable to push passed the last line of base defense? Summon a powerful AI controlled golem whose sole objective is to tear their walls down.
  • Colorful World: Circuits’ unique setting allows for endless possibilities. It has a killer rabbit-throwing magician fighting an axe-wielding demigod fighting a robot janitor. Circuits is filled with unique, sometimes hilarious characters all with intriguing backstories and motivations for making the journey to this world. Not everyone in the world is warrior, so they’re forced to put their unique skillset to the test. On top of just characters, Circuits’ world is filled with intrigue and mystery, with a developing plot line that goes beyond just Arena combat, one that will be covered in detail through episodic lore entries.

My participation

  • Champion implementation
    • Jan Itor
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    • Ink
  • Animation Setup
  • Buff Management System
  • Effect Management System
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